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I’m Here for You

 1. Where are you located ?

855 Staley St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102

2.  Do you post real photos ?

The pictures I put on facebook. As long as the face looks exactly the same, it's all me.

No more photos require.

 3. Do you offer “extras” or other services in addition to massage?

I do not offer " FULL SERVICE "

I do not offer  " ORAL ",  "BJ "
I do not provide any service content that has not appeared in MY AD.

I am professional masseuses and have my own set of personal boundaries which I expect to have respected. I provide phenomenal sensual massages but not escort services (no sex, no oral).

4. Where are your services provided?

My unit is located in the most comfortable areas in WOOLLOONGABBA . It's easy to arrive at my place.

My unite equipped with everything professional masseuse need to make your therapy perfect.

5. Just to let you know I shaved my body hair yesterday...😰

No matter what kind of  massage you book, I use the most delicate skin ( Pussy and Boobs) of my body to Sliding your body. If you shave your body hair, it will definitely hurt my Pussy and Boobs. 🥰

I suggest you look for another massage place. 😌
Unprofessional massage will never hurt the masseuse's skin. 😃

6. Can I do for extra shot ?

The second shot will charge you + $ 50
(10 mins including cleaning)

after the second shot + $ 30
(10 mins including cleaning  )  each time.

7.  I've been in a situation where people lie after I make a payment. that's why i'm a bit worried if it happens again...

I am not responsible for any masseuse who lies to a client.😌
I cannot help clients with mistrust of others.  🙏🏻

I am just a Massage Provider, sincerely provide safe, clean and professional Massage service.All of my service items, all of my technologies are far beyond the average level.  I'm definitely an elite of the sansual massage industry.  ❤️

8. Is it possible to massage me and my friend at the same time by one or two masseuses? Or do you provide sensual massage for couple?

It is illegal in Brisbane for two female masseurs to provide sensual massage services in the same apartment unit. ( 3P is illegal )

All the massage services I offer are legal.  I only have one person to work, only service one person at a time. 

9. what is different between section 1 or 2?

The answers to professional erotic massage techniques are as follows. ( All the unprofessional erotic massage techniques are not in my consideration.)

whole the world almost the same.
Higher price, more technique,
Lower price, less technique

I have over one 100 skills, at least need 90  minutes.

Session 1 always has at least double technique  than session 2

Even changing a technology a minute. 
There are at least 100 techniques, how long do you think it will take to complete all 100 techniques?

10. Can I take a shower before/after the session?

You most certainly can. In fact, it’s imperative to start a session with a clean and refreshed body.

You can also rinse off after the session
My unit is equipped with shower facilities and clean towels. That's why you can take it whenever you want.

11. Can I get any allergies with your gels and lotions?

During massage sessions, I am using only natural products that don't contain any low-quality compounds. If you're afraid of having allergic reactions, you can test my products on a small area of your skin beforehand.

12. Do you clean your shower facilities after each client?

Of course, I follow all required hygienic standards to avoid any inconveniences for my clients. That's why I need at least 30 mins clean everything after each customer, and you shouldn't be afraid of any harm to your health.

During my working hours... Washing machines and dryers hardly stop running. On average, I have about 250 towels to clean every day.

I don't think you can find a cleaner toilet, clean shower room, clean towels and carpets  than my place.

13. Some girls provide full service the price is more cheap than your service.

This is a completely different market.
I can't compete with sensual masseuse who  offering full service and offering BJ. 

Because I don't even have either service at all and you don't need to ask.

Other than that, no matter NURU MASSAGE,  LINGAM MASSAGE,  SWEDISH MASSAGE,  INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE.... I'm definitely in Brisbane's top 3.✌︎( ᐛ )✌︎

I can offer at least 100 sensual massage techniques. Can you find any full service provider that provides you with 100 different position or technologies? 

14. Can I change the service content method ?

About customized service

You can customize personalized massage service. It has to comply with my service rules.
Each service item pays an extra $300 per hour and can be customized your own service.

Otherwise, it can only be based on my price and service method.  🙏🏻

15. When should I book a massage session?

SMS booking details after 8 am or at least two hour

16. What's the longest time I can book my massage session?

I don't have such time limits. I understand that relaxation in the evening is one of the most significant parts of a busy day. Many clients combine sensual massages with Relaxation massage. Sometimes I provide massage service on the same person for Four hours.  

17. Why doesn't anybody pick up my call?

If I don’t respond immediately, I’m in session, please be patient as I work alone and often busy. I’ll get back to you at my earliest convenience  ♥

Nearly fully booked Everyday.Sometimes I see your SMS late. To keep your wife and girlfriend from worrying. I won't SMS  back to you.🙏🏻

18. Why are your services so expensive?

With the same environment, facilities, equipment, Technology and massage space.
My price is already the lowest in Brisbane. You can't find cheaper and better service than me under the same conditions. 

19.  Do you do in-calls or out-calls?

Almost  fully booked every day. I'm too busy to provide out-calls service.

20.  Are your massage therapies addictive?

I try to satisfy all your secret desires during massage sessions, you can definitely get addicted to such therapies.
But it won't bring you any inconvenience and make your life even more pleasant.

21. Hi Mia, is private health refund available for any of your services with lingam massage included  ?

Australia is a very beautiful country. I really love Australia. everyone should abide by the government Policy.

Health insurance comes from helping people who really need to improve their body. please  don't abuse it. (ˊ˘ˋ*)♡

I will not provide any services that violate Australian government policy. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Private Health Insurance refund only for Remedial massage. (☆^ー^☆)

If you want to use Private insurance. You can only make an appointment for Remedial massage. (●^o^●)

22.. Before my working hour 9 am or After my working hours 10 pm, only provide 30 mins  Section 1  services $ 150.

22. Before my working hour 9 am or After my working hours 10 pm, only provide 30 mins  Section 1  services $ 150.

23. About Booking...

🔹Any advanced bookings require a $100 non refundable deposit to be paid.


🔹Appointments are booked and confirmed on the same day, please contact me after 8am including your booking details.




Please SMS to make a booking after 8:30 am on the day  ٩(๛ ˘ ³˘)۶❤ 

24. Client who missed the appointment,  didn't notify me, didn't reply my SMS and want to book my service again.

Require a $100 non refundable deposit to be paid.

After receiving a screenshot of the bank you paid for. I will give you available time to book in.

25 About Coronavirus 19.

If you have any of the following

" COVID-19 symptoms"


🖤 Any infectious disease of the skin
🖤 Fever
🖤 Cough
🖤 Sore throat
🖤 Shortness of breath
🖤 Runny nose
🖤 Headache
🖤 Fatigue
🖤 Diarrhoea
🖤 Vomiting or nausea
🖤 Loss of smell and/or taste

When I have any symptoms of discomfort, I will not be accepted any booking. I will not provide any service.

⭐ 26. Why to Chinese and Taiwanes only provide Section 3 ~ 5?

Because my family are Chinese and Taiwanese . I am too familiar Chinese and Taiwanese. If provided erotic massage to  Chinese or Taiwanese is a lot like serving my own Brother, Neighbor Uncle...  

That's why I don't provide Erotic massage service for Chinese and Taiwanese.

Also my aunt is Vietnamese.My uncle is from Singapore.They are all in Brisbane.😌

I have family in Asian grops. i don't take Taiwanese's or Chinese's booking 🙏🏻

If you look like Chinese or Taiwanes, I only provide Section 3 ~ Section 5 (not availablefor any Erotic Massage service 🙏🏻 )

27. All gentlemen are welcome! All ages 18+ yrs

All gentlemen are welcome! All ages 18+ yrs, any nationality or body type. I do not discriminate or judge, you’ll be treated with respect and courtesy.

28. Rules ♥️

Please note:💕

⛔ No Full service ⛔ No BJ
⛔ No touch pussy, bottom hole and kiss 😂
❌ No Shower together
❌ No More Photo required
🚫 No discounts my rates
🚫 Do Not book if you are not ready
⭕ Only me provide  DRY BODY SLIDING in Brisbane
⭕ The latest and most unique EROTIC massage
⭕ Cash , APPLE pay, EFTOPS
⭕ Appointment Only
⭕ Extremely Intense INTIMATE NEW Self-created NURU massage
⭕ OVER 50 sexy techniques NEW type body Sliding movements
⭕ OVER 30 Unique techniques NEW type Europe LINGAM massage
⭕ Quality service 100% quarantee

29. About payment

⭕ Cash⭕ Eftops +5%
⭕ Apple pay +5%
⭕ Android pay +5%
⛔ Not accept bank transfer
⛔ Not accept payid

⭐ 30. I don't accept the booking or blackout the phone number for the following reasons ~ 🙏🏻

1. Verbal threats 😱

2. Racial discrimination 😥

3. Unwilling to know the service options.😔

4. Unwilling to abide by the service rules.😌

5. Asking for illegal services.😒

6. No trust in humans, no trust in advertising, no trust the details of the service I provide.😓

7. There are too many concerns, e.g afraid of being met by friends, girlfriend or wife.🤔

8. Unwilling to provide name, what service he needs, how long service he prefer.😭

The above situation is beyond I can handle. 

What I can do is~ sincere, enthusiastic and provide professional service.

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