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Make sure your body condition suitable Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage !!

◽️Pregnant women or women trying to become pregnant
◽️ Persons with any kind of implant within the last 9 months
◽️ Heavily pronounced varicose veins
◽️ Advanced stages of arteriosclerosis
◽️ Recent eye procedures within 72 hours
◽️ Persons on medication for bruising or blood clotting; 
     i.e. blood thinners such as Warfarin or Coumadin
◽️ Advanced stages of osteoporosis or 
     other bone degenerative conditions 
◽️ Cancer in metastatic or terminal stages
◽️ Uncontrolled high blood pressure 
◽️ Recent injury or surgery 
◽️ Contagious skin disorders
◽️ Compromised immune system
◽️ Acute liver or kidney disorders

Contrainducations: Contrainducations
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